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Comprised of over fifty voices, the Mississauga based Saint Sava Serbian Church Choir is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating both the religious and secular choral music of the Serbian people.

Welcome to the Saint Sava Serbian Church Choir Website!

The Saint Sava Serbian Church Choir is truly a harmony of voices and we pride ourselves in being an amateur choir with the heart and soul of a professional one. Most of the music we sing is “a cappella”, which means performed in the church style; without instrumental accompaniment. Our choir is comprised of over fifty voices and has been singing religious hymns of praise and traditional Serbian songs since 1955! Please follow this link for more information on our rich and wonderful history.

55th Annual Concert

The Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Choir’s Annual Concert will be held on

Saturday October 23, 2010 at 7:30pm
Serbian Center in Mississauga

Come and join us for our 55th Annual Concert on Saturday October 23. Our honoured guests are the Kosovo Mens Choir.
Also participating will be the Roman Melod Choir from Kitchener Ontario, and the St. Nicholas Cathedral Choir from Hamilton Ontario.
After the concert, a dance featuring BOEMI.
On Sunday October 24, the Kosovo Mens Choir will be providing the Liturgical responses in the church, and a banquet in their honour will follow in the Serbian Center.
All are most welcome!

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Book Our Choir

The Saint Sava Choir can be engaged to sing responses at weddings, christenings, memorial services and funerals. We also accept invitations to perform at cultural events, concerts and festivals.
The St. Sava Choir is here to make your special church service memorable. Whether a wedding service or a memorial service for a recently departed loved one, the choir's attendance adds an additional layer of music to these liturgies. In essence, the choir acts as the voice of the people and completes a dialogue between the priest and the congregation. Our choir performs all of our services and every song with heartfelt emotion.
Prior to engaging the choir, we suggest that you speak with one of our parish priests, Father Michael Doder or Father Prvoslav Puric to confirm the date of your service. Our wonderfully gifted priests will also guide you with any special details or requests that you may have. ...more

First CD of St.Sava Choir is Released - CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

The St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church Choir proudly presents Badnje Vece and Bozic
This CD evokes all of these qualities, and more. Whether you enjoy liturgical or choral music, an “a cappella” sound, or want to be a part of an extraordinary spiritual journey, this CD has it all. This CD is recorded by the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church Choir of Mississauga, Ontario Canada. For more than 50 years, this seasoned choir has had the privilege of singing responses during Holy Liturgy, while earning a reputation throughout North American’s Serbian communities as a first-rate church choir and entertainment presence. Bozicne Pesme/Christmas Songs CD is the choir’s first professional recording. (Christmas Eve and Christmas) in song, complete with narratives and Liturgical excerpts.
We are proud of the result, and hope that you will agree that this CD will be a valuable addition to your Christmas music collection.

Of course our choir would be nothing without the incredible dedication of our members, some of whom have been members since the choir was formed almost fifty years ago! Unlike other choirs, the Saint Sava Choir does not hold auditions and thus, membership is open to everyone. We believe that even the weakest voice has a song to sing! We’re overjoyed when anyone new joins our choir regardless of their experience or vocal talent. Please follow this link for more information on our members or for details on how you can become a member.

The Saint Sava Choir is also one of the most active organizations belonging to All Serbian Saints Serbian Orthodox Church. Our new church, consecrated in 2002, is certainly one of the most beautiful on this continent. We’re proud to serve our community by participating each week in the Divine Liturgy, by singing at special community events and church occasions, and by actively participating in and supporting all of the fundraising efforts our community undertakes. Please follow this link for more information on our upcoming performances and events.

Talking about a sense of community, we truly are blessed in having a group of people who support us by attending all of our events. These people also support us with good deeds, often by volunteering to work at our events and by making baked goods for our now famous monthly coffee hours. These treasured souls are often spouses and children of choir members but we also include many prominent parishioners in this group, whose unending support is appreciated by all of us. We thank everyone who inspires us to sing! Please follow this link for more information on becoming a financial supporter of our choir .

Our choir is also blessed to belong to an “extended family” of singers as a result of our membership in The Serbian Singing Federation. The SSF is one of the oldest and most respected organizations on this continent and their tireless work and incredible efforts to preserve the music of the Serbian people is exemplary. For more information on the SSF, please visit their site, by clicking here.

We thank you for visiting our website and hope you enjoy your time spent here. Our site is full of interesting facts, wonderful nostalgia and surprising things you may not know about our choir. Please remember to visit often, because we’ll always have new and exciting updates. We also hope you have the pleasure of hearing us whether it be in church or at one of our upcoming events.

We again welcome you and remain yours in song…

The Saint Sava Serbian Church Choir

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