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The archive includes most top stories from our home page. Here you can read once again announcements of important events and our past activities, stories about our choir members, links to portrayals of famous Serbian poets, composers and performers, as well as materials relating to historical persons and events in Serbian history ...

51st Annual Concert on Novemeber 18, 2006

Good friends, lively song, warm hearts, describe the atmosphere of our Serbian Centre this past weekend, November 18th and 19th. We, the St. Sava Choir, hosted our 51st annual concert weekend, and called upon our friends to join in the celebration. The guests for the Saturday evening concert were the the S.S.S. Gracanica Choir from Windsor and the St. Roman Melod Choir from Kitchener . The lovely MC for the evening, our own Lidija Borojevic, introduced the choirs who performed religious pieces and traditional Serbian folk songs for the audience. As is customary at the end of every concert, the choirs wished each other "mnogaja ljeta." It was apparent to all the guests that evening, that with each passing year, the bonds of friendship between these choirs continue to grow. Immediately following the concert programme, Dragan Maklenov and his orchestra had everyone on its feet, dancing kolo and singing Serbian songs into the wee hours. read more .

Photo-Report from Concert

Click here to visit the newest photo-gallery with photos from our annual concert held on Novemeber 18th, 2006

it's about time our choir created something to share with our future generations - CD Project

We have officially begun our preparations for our first recording session. The CD committee would like to thank all the members who are participating in this project. We now have a good mix of singers and a viable group that can make a good recording.
Alto: Gorana, Natasha, Ubavka, Draga, Beba, Sasa, Vesna P., Karol
Soprano: Larisa, Radmila K., Radmila B., Lidija, Gina and Marina
Bass: Zivko, John, Milan C., Goran
Tenor: Rade, Cvijan, Bora, Alex, Vasilj, Bojan, Djordjo

We practiced: Molitvami, Rozdestvo and Likuj Dnes Sione. Please consider adding your name to the above list - as Cika Bora mentioned, it's about time our choir created something to share with our future generations.
KEY element required for this project to succeed is COMMITMENT.

Our activities in the upcoming months

This year, the Festival is being hosted by the SSS Ravanica choir of Detroit, Michigan. Based on the choir’s vote, we will be renting a bus as in previous years. We have not yet worked out the details of the itinerary or costing yet, but will update membership as we get closer to that date.

Please also read about SOCA festival, our renewed initiative to produce a CD as a fundraising tool and much more in our News section...

Nikola Tesla Monument - Unveiling in Niagara Falls on Sunday July 9, 2006

The St. George Serbian Orthodox Church and Corporation of Niagara Falls, in partnership with the Serbian National Shield Society of Canada and the Niagara Parks Commission, is preparing plans for the official unveiling of the Tesla Memorial Monument on Sunday, July 9th to mark the 150th anniversary of Tesla's birth. The monument will be positioned at Queen Victoria Park in the heart of the tourist area. Les Drysdale of Hamilton won an international competition for his vision of Tesla. The winning sketch was first revealed at the 60th Serbian Day in Canada in Niagara Falls in June 2005 in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine, other dignitaries and our Serbian community. The proposed monument will be a bronze sculpture o f Tesla standing atop an AC generator like the one which he set into motion in Niagara Falls to light the entire region at the turn of the last century. .

Please read more about Nikola Tesla year on Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Huge Garage Sale - April 29, 2006 - rain or shine

Don't miss out
After two years of success with holding garage sales, the Saint Sava Choir is organizing a new one on Saturday, April 29, 2006.

Furniture, baby stuff, brand name clothing, CDs, DVDs, cassette capes, video tapes, beauty products, accessories, houshold items, kids toys, games, books, electronic.

New and used items for everyone.
Refreshments: Tea and coffee and homemade cakes available

Large Free Car Park....

Great Lent

Great Lent in the Orthodox Church is a 40 day period of strict fasting.
The Lenten Fast runs from Cheesefare (Forgiveness Sunday) to Pascha (April 23rd on the civil calendar for 2006). Every day is a fast day - fish, wine and oil are allowed on Saturdays and Sundays.
Fasting is a very important, indeed necessary practice in the Orthodox Church. Orthodox Christians are encouraged to enter Great Lent in repentance and confession, and to dedicate themselves to worship, prayer, and fasting throughout the Lenten period.
Fasting is never looked on as a hardship or punishment but rather as a great privilege and joy.

New Executive Board Elected

This February, the new executive board of the Saint Sava Choir was elected. The old board lead by John Lukic, was a pillar of strength and perseverance and we wish to thank all board members for all the good work that they did for the choir. They will be remembered by the excellent organisation of the 50 th Choir anniversary concert and all events the choir participated in.
The Choir members elected Marina Daoust as our new president, and she will be supported by Alex Brkic, Lidija Borojevic, Nada Tijanic, Slavica Mavrak, Sasa Davidovic and Radmila Kukolj.
We wish you good luck and we hope that you will bring new ideas and impulses into our choir.

Click on links below to listen to some Christmas songs

Song - Title



1. Božicni tropar glas 4 Srpski pravoslavni hor
2. Božic, Božic Srpski pravoslavni hor
3.Vitlejeme slavni grade Srpski pravoslavni hor
4. O, radosne vesti Srpski pravoslavni hor
5. Svanu nam krasan dan Srpski pravoslavni hor


Today’s holy and great Feast of the Lord, the Feast of the Nativity or Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, is, brothers and sisters, our dear spiritual children, the day in which the Holy Church announces the good news of great joy that will be for all the people of God (Luke 2:10-11). On this day, more than twenty centuries ago, in the City of David called Bethlehem, an unusual Event transpired, unique in the history of the human race: the Savior of world and mankind, the very Peace of God among us, our God-sent and God-given Peace (cf. Eph. 2:14), as a Divine Youth – a Child, a newborn infant, and in the same, o wonder above wonders, the Pre-Eternal God – He who lay in a poor cave, in a manger, and not in the comfortable crib of a palace or mansion. Indeed, there is no greater humility or condescension, than that which the All-powerful Lord shown at the Birth of Christ and, later, at His Crucifixion!

click here to read the complete Patriarchal Christmas Encyclical

Badnje Vece and Christmas

On January 6, the day before Christmas, Serbs celebrate Badnje Vece. They prepare badnjak (yule log) in advance. The name for our Christmas Eve actually got its name from the badnjak tree. Badnjak trees are a kind of Oak tree. It is a custom that the father and the oldest son of a household go out in the morning of January 6 in search of the right badnjak. When they find it they return to the house and knock on the door, and the mother opens it. They enter while saying to her, "Welcome to you Badnje Vece!" They take the Badnjak to the fireplace and place it on the fire to bring good fortune to the household throughout the year. We put coins, walnuts, almonds, and dried figs around the fireplace to represent the connection with earth.

The traditional January 6th supper for Serbs usually consists of baked beans, fish, dried figs, dried plums and apples. Before going to bed it is very important to cover the badnjak with hot ash so that it will burn slowly until the following morning.

For breakfast the tradition is ...

For breakfast the tradition is to prepare cicvara, which is a dish made of flour, eggs, butter, and cheese. It is served with dry cakes, dry figs, and the famous plum brandy called Sljivovica. Usually, the Sljivovica is homemade and over ten years old! Another custom is to prepare a bowl in which young wheat is planted to grow during the coming year. This is supposed to bring the family luck. Everybody gathers around the table while the father lights a candle. That moment marks the start of mirbozenje, which is peace and reconciliation. Participants then kiss one another while saying: "Mir Bozji". All disagreements are forgotten. The Christmas Day custom is to replace "Hello" with "Hristos se rodi" which means "Christ is born!" The reply to this is "Vaistinu se rodi".

On Christmas day lunch gets underway earlier...

On Christmas day lunch gets underway earlier than usual, but last longer. The menu contains many foods. Traditionally the most essential part of the Christmas dinner is a type of flat, round Christmas bread called cesnica. It is prepared using stalk of the last wheat harvest filling them with kernels of different grains. Christmas bread is made of flaky dough in which a gold or silver coin is imbedded. The cesnica is decorated with braids, birds or roses made of dough.

The main course is always pork roasted over the fire of oak tree logs. Christmas marks the end of the period of fasting as well as a ritual in which the food and the pork is considered a sacrifice made to God. All the members of the family must taste the roast pork and cesnica.

Other traditional foods are sarma (which is made of stuffed sauerkraut leaves),soup, and corba (a dense soup). Desert usually includes three kinds of cakes and small cookies. Finally, the candle that has burned all day is blown out in the evening with red wine.

Our choir participated at the event organized by the Canadian-Serbian Goodwill Jovan Ducic

Our choir participated at the event organized by the Canadian-Serbian Goodwill Jovan Ducic of Toronto on Saturday, Dec 10 at 8 pm, at the Serbian Centre, 2520 Dixie Rd, Mississauga. Jovan Ducic was a famous Serbian poet, patriot, diplomat and ambassador in Portugal during I World War. Later on, he lived in various towns in Europe and died in 1943 in America. His remains were transported to Hercegovacka Gracanica, near Trebinje 2 years ago.

Humanitarian concert for children from Kosovo and Methoija "Ugostimo Kosovske Bozure"

The event was a huge success primarily because of the excellent entertainment provided by passionate Rada Micic and our choir member Rade Micic. They love what they're doing, and that energy was communicated in an infectious way to the audience. The program was well paced and had a broad range: instrumentals enlightening the beauty and sophistication of musical compositions and the outstanding talent of young musicians, our performance with four new songs in our repertoire, humorous show pieces, soulful recitation, and much more.

Revenues from the sale of tickets for the concert will be made available to the members of the ensemble “Kosovski Bozuri” , who are living and performing under very difficult conditions, and who should be our guests here in Canada next year.
The action was planned to raise funds for cost trips, and the expectation that more than 300 seats of the auditorium in the Serbian Center will be filled with humanitarian concert-goers was exceeded The program was magnificent, and undoubtedly one of the finest events being presented in Serbian community in recent years. Our choir was especially impressive, and a very warm and appreciative reaction of the audience expressed how pleased they were with the excellence of our performance.
to see the photo report please click here

3 mp3 - files, recorded during our Concert

This will be the first time that visitors of our website will have an unique opportunity to listen to three mp3 files, recorded during our 50th Anniversary Concert. These short excerpts will illustrate the perfection we have delivered.

This achievement is the result of both: our devotion to choral music and passion for Serbian Chant. Click here to listen to 1. "Svjatij Boze" , "2.Ima dana", "3. Pjesme iz Mostara" performed by St. Sava Choir - Mississauga.

A Visit to the SSS Njegos Choir in Cleveland, Ohio.

St. Sava Choir just returned from a nice trip. On October 22 and 23, we were guests of honour at the 58th Annual Concert of the SSS Njegos Choir in Cleveland, Ohio.

We left Toronto just after 7 a.m. on Saturday singing our way to Cleveland where we received a warm welcome. Our hosts prepared a delicious lunch, handed gift bags for everyone and were ready to assist with any request t that we may have had.

On Saturday we participated in a nice evening of Serbian song and dance. I would say, judging by the applauses we received, that St. Sava choir did a nice job of presenting interesting variety of sacral and folk Serbian music, accompanied by Bojan and John on guitar and accordion respectively.

Sunday morning was beautiful, St. Sava Cathedral was bathing in sunshine.

Our choir was very happy to have an opportunity to sing once again for our Celveland hosts. This time, we sang responses at 10 a.m. liturgy.

Following the liturgy, we spent another few hours with our wonderful domacini, exchanged words of happines and gratitude for our friendship and made promises to see each other again.

Father Michael Doder's 25 years of pastoral service

On Sunday October 16, 2005, the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church and School Congregation of Toronto took great pleasure in celebrating a milestone in our community: Father Michael Doder's 25 years of pastoral service to our Church Community.

We were invited to be guests at this joyous celebration. The day's events included the celebration of Holy Liturgy at 10:00 am, cocktails at noon, luncheon and programme. All events tooke place at the All Serbian Saints Church and the Serbian Centre.


Photo report is available. Click on the photo to see it.

Our choir celebrated 50 years of its existence and contribution to the Serbian community on October 1 and 2, 2005. It was a special weekend in many ways: beside the host choir, four other choirs came to the RBC theatre stage on Saturday, October 1, 2005. Our kumovi, the Petar Krstich Choir from Stubenville, OH - our guests of honour - made two appearances that evening. St. Michael Archangel Choir, Toronto: St. Roman Melod choir, Kitchener, and St. Nicholas Cathedral Choir, Hamilton also contributed to make this a memorable evening.


Govor Johna Lukica u svojstvu crkvenog kuma

Casni Oci, Braco i Sestre.

U ime moje supruge Olge, dece Nikole i Katarine, ja vam, kao Kum, pre svega cestitam danasnji dan nase Slave, Sabora Srpskih Svetitelja sa toplim zeljama da Vam danasnji dan slavlja posluzi na svako dobro. Sretna Vam Slava! Pripremajuci danasnji govor koji je deo kumovskih obaveza, Olga I ja smo shvatili da postoje tri stvari koje su bliske I drage nasim srcima.

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